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Most of yesterday that was spent doing something other than vegging was spent knitting.  I am working on this pattern running through my head, trying to get it figured out.  Unfortunatley, I spent more time tinking than knitting, I think.  The problem was increasing.  I apparently went increase dumb yesterday.  This was my first atttempt: 

hole in knit

As you can see, the increase left a hole.  So I tinked the 2 rows back and tried it again after checking online resources so I didn’t do the dumb again.  Then I knit a mini swatch and try out all the increases, looks fine, except the increases seem more obvious that I would like, but if there is no hole, I’ll be happy.  So off I go again, and yet again I get holes!  This is called knitting karma.  See, I forgot to put an eyelet row in for a waist tie.  But I figured I didn’t really need it.  I think the piece is telling me I needed it. 

So I go post to the LiveJournal knitting community for some help, because obviously I have forgotten everything I ever learned aobut decreasing and am sick to death of tinking by now.  I got the answer I wanted and started a ton of drama.  Oh my goodness, I might just have to leave for the dumb in there. 

Anyway, back to the project.  I finally figure out what I am doing wrong and get to knit past the increase row!  So I’ve finally got a few extra rows on the needles and we’ll see how it goes from here.

Still going with the Magic Loop Knitting, not too sure how I feel about it, but I stuck myself with it since I don’t have DPN’s in that size.


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Hello world! Progress

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