I am the BOSS of My Knitting!

October 27, 2006 at 3:09 pm Leave a comment

I finished the Maroon/Cream Sweater last night! 

Just because the rest of you do such great artsy shots of your knitting: 

And a gratuitous picture of it on the recipient:

Almost done with those damned longies, I hope to finish them today, but my mom is coming for an overnight so I might not have the time.  I wonder, could I low-imersion dye them?  Hmmm… will have to go inquire around about that. 

I cast on for the sleeves for the Purple/White Sweater, realized the math wouldn’t work with the ribbing pattern, fixed it, didn’t get to start knitting it and then hubby pushed it off the couch and it lost a few stictches.  Ahh well, at least it wasn’t actual knitting. 

 Alright, off to iron the fabrics for Myriam’s Halloween costume and to finish those longies, and to get some cleaning done.  Uh, how many hours in a day are there?


Entry filed under: Knitting, Maroon/Cream Ski Sweater, Purple/White Ski Sweater, Sewing, Test Longies.

Sweaters Hate Me A Lot to Say

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