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This is going to be quite the post.  I’ve done a lot in the last few days and have lots to say.  I’ve been taking lots of pretty fall pictures on my walks to and from picking the older one up. 

  I really love digital (free), rechargeable (free) and the macro setting all rolled into one.  



Look at all those beautiful colors!  Orange, and red, and green…Oh My!  I love when there are all the different colors to look at, the contrasts are amazing!  I have more, but I think I will pepper them into future posts instead of all at once.  Especially since I have more pictures to post in this entry, I don’t want to overload anyone. 

I actually finished the older one’s Halloween costume.  There wasn’t all that much to do, I just had to make a skirt.

Why does satin photograph like plastic?  That underskirt looks better suited to being a diaper cover than a flow-ey skirt.  Here’s a close-up of the pattern on the tulle: 

 Since this is supposed to be a blog for business, I suppose I should actually post something business related: 

That’s right!  It’s those longies!  Now they need to be dyed.  I wish I knew if low-immersion dying would be effective on the wool.  Otherwise I think I am just going to dip-dye them.  The waist tie is going to be twisted-rope with a hand-painted yarn in whatever color I end-up using.  I would like to low-immersion dye them a bright blue and deep red, but if I can’t do that, it’s going to be dip-dyed red.  I am also going to make a matching hat.  I have this great hat pattern that I have decided to offer up for sale too.  They’re so cute, I bet you can’t wait until I have a photograph for you, huh?  Uh oh, I have another idea.  Now I don’t know what to do!  We’ll see.I promised that after the longies were off the needles were off the needles I would share what else I have on the needles: 

 It’s a cotton washcloth called Smocked Cloth.  I love it and I love the colorway.  It’s Sugar N Cream Partytime and it’s doing some very neat things.  This one is for me, but I also have a washcloth with an apple on it that I am trying to chart out for the older one’s teachers’ Christmas presents. I have gone back to this chart so many times it’s not funny.  I have the written pattern, but the work even rows are the right side, and the pattern rows are the wrong side, then trying to add in the monograms so they are the right direction and the right stitch has got me all turned around.  I think I got it, but I doubt I will ever chart a wrong-side pattern again.  Along with the monogrammed washcloth, I am doing a soapsack and some bath fizzy and a candle.  It’s going to be a cute little bath basket.  If I were working full-time this year, I would do them for everyone, since each basket will cost me around $5.

 I am also doing the infamous Clapotis.  That’s what I decided to do for my dress for Williamsburg in December.  I’m doing it in black wool, it’s going to be so warm and so pretty!  And it’s so mind-numbingly easy! 

There’s not much else to say, The Purple/White hasn’t been touched in days and she’s mad at me for that, but it’s like 70 degress here anyway.


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