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I’ve gotten a commission to knit 2 pairs of longies in time for Turkey Day.  That includes waiting for her yarn to get here, she bought yarn from DeliciousPear over at YarnyBits, and needed someone to knit them up for her.  Quickly.  This also includes getting it back to her in Georgia before she leaves for Ohio for T-Day.  What does this mean, you ask?  It means that Everything Else is on hold.  So let’s take stock:  Clapotis and hopefully the Clapotis Cap by December 1st, in time to go to Williamsburg.  My mom would be pretty mad if I didn’t finish the shawl since she bought the yarn for me to wear with my dress on the vacation she’s paying for.  Then we have the Purple/White, which it would be nice if the girls both have their sweaters for vacation.  The Purple/White has sleeves and yoke left.  Then there is the hat to match the longies for the little one, which is also going to be a for sale item, and needs to be done so I can example it as it’s getting cold.  Lastly, is the 2 washcloths and soapsacks for the older one’s teachers for Christmas, those need to be done by December 22.  I wonder if I’m missing anything?  Oh yeah, we have a birthday party this weekend and have no money for a gift, so he gets a gift certificate for socks or a hat, not sure which. 

So needless to say, I hope, is that I won’t be doing much blogging or reading for the next couple of weeks, or from whenever I get the yarn until whenever I ship it out.

For now, I will leave you with pictures of what I do to my kitchen when I am dyeing:    during mixing    after dyeing

Really, you ought to put the paper down like people say 😉  And the dye was over my entire floor, don’t ask me how, and all over my stove.


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Devastated Re-Do

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